Friday, July 10, 2009

All about the Fish Finder

The Fishfinder Gizmo is a 7seas item you made from a blueprint and salvage pieces

Fishfinder Gizmo Blueprint
Common Salvage: Rechargable Battery
Uncommon Salvage: WiFi Antenna
Rare Salvage: Voltage Meter

To "build" the fishfinder gizmo:

1) Find the fishfinder gizmo blueprint, and right-click-wear (it will go on the right hand by default). Click the blueprint with your mouse cursor, and read local chat. The blueprint gives instructions on what do, and what salvage is still needed to build the gizmo.

2) Now, for each piece of salvage, right-click-wear (it will go on the left hand by default). With your mouse cursor, click the salvage, read local chat to see that it loads into the blueprint. Right-click-detach the salvage and delete it (a piece of salvage can only be used once).

3) When all the salvage is loaded, the 7seas server will send you the fishfinder gizmo. You can right-click-detach the blueprint and delete it.

Very helpful item. You will wear it on your left hand (the default wear when you right-click-wear). When you click the fishfinder with your mouse cursor, it will look for any 7seas Fishing Server, and Custom Prize Givers (CPG), in range.

Some CPG are version 2.x, the fishfinder will not see them. The owner will need to update their CPGs at some time.

If you don't have one of the items to make the fishfinder, ask in the Gone Fishing group, someone will be happy to help you out.

Turning a shoulder pet into a fishfinder:

For this next part you will need to know at least the very basics of building in SL. How to edit an object, and find the contents tab. You aren't changing anything in the object, you are adding to it a little. Look up the subject of building in second life, if you don't quite understand the following instructions.

One thing I like to do, is take a modifiable shoulder pet and turn it into a a nicer looking fishfinder.

Right-click the fishfinder (wear it or rez it on the ground), Select "edit" in the pie menu. Click the contents tab. Find the script "FishFinder System" in the contents, then grab it and drag it into your inventory (the scripts folder is a good place). You can't read it or give it to anyone else.

However you can right-click-edit a shoulder pet (you may have to rez it on the ground to do this), click the contents tab, and drag the script from your inventory into the shoulder pet.

Now wear the should pet, and click it. It's now a fishfinder and will look for 7seas servers and cpgs happily without looking so odd.

In the photos I have for the posts about the GFH Landmarks, you'll see I'm wearing a pink duckie on my shoulder (or on my head when I'm a tinie). This is my fishfinder I made from my own duckie custom and the fishfinder script.

When I'm a human:
My fishfinder duckie (1)

When I'm a tinie:
My fishfinder duckie (2)


If you can't find a pet, rez a sphere and use that, texture it up and wear it somewhere it's easy to click.


  1. Thank you for posting this information. I'm new to 7seas and located the blueprint for this item and thanks to you I know where to go from here!
    -Valiyah Delcon

  2. That's a pretty neat trick. It never came to me to transfer the scripts of the Fish Finder Gizmo into another object.