Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another useful tools from 7sea fishing: Oceanography Database

The tool has nothing to do with the GF Hunt, but it's a great tool to prevent you from catching the same 7seas fish over and over again. Additional, you can target fish/salvage.

Oceanography Database (Uncommon Blueprint)

Salvage needed:

Common: Glowing Sea Crystal
Uncommon: Hydroelectric Thingamajig
Rare: Captain's Log
Rare: Solar Powered Flashlight

Build it in the same way as you did the fishfinder gizmo.

Wear it as a hud, it will mark any 7seas fish you catch so they can be auto-declined in the future. You still get the points when you catch them later, you just don't have to click "Ok" on the blue menu that would have popped up.

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